DigiTrak F5 TensiTrak Features

  • Real-time product pull force and downhole mud pressure readings on the F5 receiver and remote display
  • Strong signal for overcoming interference without using a wire
  • Accurate tracking of installation depth and location
  • Data can be downloaded to a PC to analyze, annotate, archive, and publish

DigiTrak F5® TensiTrak Specifications

Part # TT5
Outer Diameter 5.5 in. (13.97 cm)
Length 19.5 in. (49.86 cm)
Maximum Pull Force 100,000 lb (445 kN)
Absolute Max. Mud Pressure 127 psi (876 kPa)
Trackable Range 60 ft (18.3 m)
Operating Temperature 35.6 to 104° F (2 to 40° C)