DigiTrak F5 TensiTrak Price List

DigiTrak F5® TensiTrak System

Part #
TensiTrak Pullback and Pressure Monitoring System Kit
Includes TensiTrak 100,000lb unit, 2 D-rings, LWD™ TT/SST® Kit, set of heat-shrinked D-cells, SuperCell™ adapter, and carry case


Part #
TT5 (700-0032-00)
TensiTrak 100,000lb. unit
TTCC (680-6700-00)
TensiTrak carry case
LWD TT/SST KIT (610-0080-00)
F5 TensiTrak/SST Log-While-Drilling (LWD) Kit
Includes Bluetooth device and USB with software and manual
D-Rings (340-0064-00)
Set of two D-rings rated to 100,000+lb
D-Cells (610-0073-00)
Set of three soldered and heat-shrinked D-cell batteries
SuperCell Adapter (610-0075-00)
SuperCell D-cell adapter


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